y any 5 pies and you will receive

A plain meat pie absolutely free!!

Bremen Patisserie you will enjoy the freshest of Products baked daily on the premises by our qualified bakers and pastry cooks using fresh fruits, vegetable, meats and spices and of course our own freshly roasted Coffee. Your health is so important to us that we replaced animal fats with vegetable fats and fat reduced ingredients in our recipes.

You will love our wide range of bakery and patisserie products, like German Rye bread, cakes, pastries, cream pastries, continental cakes, tortes and gateaux and of course savoury products like the good old Aussie meat pie, gourmet meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties, quiches and the list goes on.

By using continental recipes, which are popular with the locals.

We  roast our own coffee beans freshly on premises

We ensure you always get pleasure from fresh coffee, we roast our own Green Coffee Beans. Our coffee roaster gives you a' visual theatre'. 
Our green beans are displayed in an attractive looking Coffee Bean Hopper for you to choose from.

Our " House Blend" is a premium blend of coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. 
Bremen Patisserie only buys A and AA grade coffee beans. Our Coffee is freshly roasted on daily basis on our premises.

y any 5 pies and you will receive

A plain meat pie absolutely free!!


Buy any 5 pies and you will receive a plain meat pie absolutely free!!

Come and try our delicious Gourmet Pies!!

Hot Chilli Pie (The Flaming Ron) (new)
Beef Bacon & Cheese                          

Mango Curry Chicken & Peanut
Beef Curry                                        

Potato Pie
Beef Mexican

Tandoori Chicken
Beef Mushroom                                     

Vegetarian Cheese Mornay
Beef Steak & Kidney
Beef Tomato & Onion
Beef Burgundy & Mushroom

Steak Beef Pie
Butter Chicken   

Chicken & Veggie Mornay

Chunky Steak Beef Pie
Korma Curry Chicken
Lamb & Curry